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        Company Profile

        • 2010 year


        • 30000 m2

          Plant area

        • 300 people


        Haining Kunpeng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 15 million yuan, covers a total area of 40 acres, a plant area of 25,000 square meters, and employs about 300 people. It is located in the Qiantang River, known as the world's first wave. Tide scenic riverside. Kunpeng Plastic Industry is a comprehensive manufacturing company integrating mold design, mold manufacturing, injection molding, dust-free spraying, fully automatic screen printing, steel plate printing, laser cutting, finishing engraving and IMD injection. The main production of household appliances, communication electronics and automotive rubber and plastic accessories, is a well-known enterprise Panasonic Hangzhou Household Appliances Co., Ltd. A-level supplier, Hongxun Electronics Industry (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. excellent service provider. After the relocation, relying on the strength of the company, it cooperated with well-known enterprises such as Suzhou Samsung Household Appliances Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Shaoxing Supor Life Electric Co., Ltd. to conduct research and development. It has 21 injection molding machines of various specifications, ranging from 160T-1000T. 100% of the machines carry robots to realize mechanized operation. The workshop is equipped with a feeding platform to realize a centralized feeding system. IMD workshop: IMD (In-Mold Decoration) is a new technology that puts Film film in the injection mold to decorate the plastic appearance surface. It has the advantages of traditional plastic screen printing, such as smooth and beautiful appearance, permanent and clear printing, 3D pattern three-dimensional effect, etc. Screen printing workshop: It has a 100,000-level dust-free workshop and three semi-automatic printing machines, which can print various types of acrylic sheets with different area sizes. There are 4 automatic printing machines, which can print various sheets formed in the mold. Pad printing workshop: Introduced 8 sets of Yitongsheng semi-automatic pad printers and 1 full-automatic pad printer; it can print all kinds of panel patterns and fonts; it has functions that ordinary screen printing cannot complete. Spraying workshop: There are 3 100,000-level dust-free spraying lines and 2 automatic spraying lines. The biggest advantage of using spraying technology is that it can be used to prepare surface functional thin layers that are superior to the properties of the bulk material in a variety of ways. Its thickness is only a few tenths of the structural size. Abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Assembly workshop: the introduction of Guangzhou CNC automatic robotic arm for dispensing operations, strong stability, high efficiency and high product quality. Carving workshop: 3 Daheng carving machines, cnc-mastercam-ug programming; 1 Beijing carving machine, JDSoft SurtMi11 7.0 software, suitable for most 2D / 3D processing products The company has realized one-stop service of ordinary injection molding, high-gloss injection molding, in-mold injection molding, dust-free spray coating, screen printing, steel plate printing, laser cutting, finishing and engraving.

        Kunpeng Philosophy

        Adhere to the core values of "good faith, perfection, excellence".

        Provide customers with high-quality, cost-effective products

        Provide business partners with a fair, reasonable, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation platform

        Provide employees with a harmonious and positive working environment


        In November 1993, Ninghai County Dapeng Mould Plastic Co., Ltd. was established

        Passed ISO9000: 2000 certification in October 2003

        Passed ISO14001 certification in May 2004

        June 2004 Run M-EMS production management system

        In August 2004, we successfully provided injection molding parts for Hangzhou Matsushita Home Appliances Co., Ltd., mainly supplying washing machine covers.

        In September 2005, it cooperated with the American REKO company to introduce American design standards and jointly develop automotive molds.

        Became the world's first supplier of white goods in 2006

        September 2007 Supported Saint-Gobain Safety Glass (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

        In November 2007, the injection workshop was renamed Ninghai Dapeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

        Introduced new technology (high light) project in July 2008

        Introduced new technology (IMD) project in March 2009

        In November 2009, it formally supplied in-mold injection products to Hangzhou Matsushita Home Appliances Co., Ltd.

        In November 2011, Ninghai County Dapeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. successfully completed the overall relocation and expansion strategy, settled in the hardware industrial park in Yanguan Town, Haining City, and established Haining Kunpeng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.


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